Average Rating 3.8 out of 5 1 Reviews »
Lifestyle average

Location / Convenience 5.0

Quiet Study Envoirment 5.0

Parties / Social Scene 3.0

Resident Atractiveness 3.0

RAs / House Staff 3.0

Room average

Room Size 4.0

Cleaniness 4.0

Parking 4.0

Bathrooms 4.0

Kitchens 3.0

1 Student Review

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Overall Rating 3.8 out of 5

Location / Convenience 5

Quiet Study Envoirment 5

Parties / Social Scene 3

Resident Atractiveness 3

RAs / House Staff 3


Room Size 4

Cleaniness 4

Parking 4

Bathrooms 4

Kitchens 3

North Mid Quads was a nice quiet place to live. Even though I wish there were more renovations, the dorm is older than most, I still enjoy living here. I would prefer a larger more social dorm, but NMQ is a good place to study and I have made some great friends here. I like that NMQ is only 3-5 min from CVS, right at the start of Downtown Evanston.

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